Quataryna needed a dance to put a monster to sleep during a children's quest, Joan found the words to a period lullaby, Crispin wrote some music and I came up with a dance. It's easy to teach to small children.

A Mimed Branle - The Lullaby Branle

1 double left (2 bars)
1 single right, while putting your hand over your mouth, as if yawning * (1 bar)
1 double left (2 bars)
1 single right, while leaning your head to one side on to your folded hands,
as if laying down to sleep

Repeat the above.

The doubles and singles are sideways - easier to get the hang of than the
forward ones - and you don't need to count them!

* For the hairy beast verse, step to the right and briefly assume the heraldic rampant position.

The Original Words

Lullay, Lullay my little child,
Sleep and be now still,
If thou be a little child
Yet may thou have thy will.

Second or Alternate Verse for the Quest by Joanna

Lullay, lullay big, hairy beast,
Sleep and be now still,
If you be a scary beast,
Yet may we have our will.