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NOTE: For the dance steps not described on this page see Del's Dance Book.

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15th C Italian

Leoncello Nuovo

16th C Italian

Ballo del Fiore for Two - Some disagreements with the common reconstruction

Ballo del Fiore for Three  (The most interesting one)

Ballo del Fiore of Four OR Five

La Castellana

Il Conto Dell'Orco


Forza d'Amore   Step Descriptions for Forza d'Amore

Laura Suave       Step Descriptions for Laura Suave     Caroso's Galliard Variations for Laura Suave

Lo Spagnoletto

Il Villanicco

16th C French

Jouyssance Vous Donneray

Known Worlde Galliard
This article includes a description of the Known Worlde Tordion, so you can see that it is different.

Hermits Branle   The Mimed Branle that some would like to ignore. Don't tell me it's sillier than Pease Branle!

From the Gresley Manuscript

Ly Bens Distonys

English Country

Cuckolds All A Row /All Awry

Parsons Farewell

Picking of Sticks

SCA Inventions

Assassins' Branle
an abberation..

Lullaby Branle
a mimed branle for children

Red and White Almayne
the Politarchopolis dance.

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