Joanna's Renaissance Dance Page


Politarchopolis Thursday Night Dance Classes

7:30 to 9:30 at the Really Well Heated Kambah Scout Hall, Springbett Street, Kambah (see the map a )

In the first hour we concentrate on easy to moderate dances and in the second on moderate to advanced. For a list of some of the dances that can be taught look here.

St Vitas' Dance & and Music Weekend!

Dance Instructions

By Century and/or Source.  Another one added May 2010  - more are comming soon.

Music for Dancing

Eventually you will be able to find all the arrangements in St Vitas' Dance Weekend Music Book here - both those, mostly by Katrina Hunt, which are on this site, and links to those that find their homes on other sites. There are also a lot of arrangements of other dances by Katrina and some links to other renaissance dance music sites.